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BeerBods began life as a few friends tasting beers in a shed. We’re now several thousand subscribers strong, making us the UK’s leading beer subscription service.

In the beginning

Our founder, Matt, had his first sip of Banks' Mild whilst sat on his dad's lap at pigeon racing club. The taste of that beer, and the way it brought people together, was something he'd never forget.

When he was 14, he got his first job as a pot washer at his local pub. At the end of each shift, he got his wages and half a pint of local real ale for all his hard graft. Matt soon started looking forward to the beer more than the money. A love affair with beer began (far too young).


The shed

After ten years of persuading friends to drink better beer, Matt started holding beer tastings in a shed... and then (in 2012) on the internet. It was the UK’s (and probably the world’s) first online beer club and subscription service. #BeerBods on a Thursday night at 9pm was born.

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What next?

We’ve slowly but surely turned BeerBods into an amazing little business. From our headquarters on a converted pig farm in Worcestershire, we’ve built an amazing community of beer drinkers that enjoy, discover and learn about beer together.

To help BeerBods reach its full potential, in 2019 we joined forces with Beer Hawk, creating the UK’s leading retailer of craft beer.


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We love beer with a story behind it.
We love beer made by breweries who put their hearts, souls and ideas into what they are making.
We love beer that reflects where it was made and who it was made by.
We love beer that makes you think about what's in it.
We love beer that you can chat about with friends.
We want to get more people drinking that kind of beer.

That's why we do what we do.



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