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2/6 Project - IPA

The 2/6 project is a collaboration between 6 of the UK’s best craft breweries; Arbor Brewing (Bristol), Beavertown Brewery (London), Cloudwater Brewery (Manchester), Harbour Brewing (Cornwall), Siren Craft Brew (Berkshire) and The Wild Beer Co (Somerset).

We asked Eddie Lofthouse, founder of Bodmin-based Harbour Brewing, how the idea came about and how they ended up creating these two wonderful beers...

“Many of us working in the industry spend a lot of time together traveling to see customers, attending conferences and festivals so you become good friends. But we rarely get together with families and partners in tow. The 2/6 project was a good excuse to do what we love; make beer with the people that we enjoy to spend time with: our friends and families, and then having a damn good party afterwards!

Although the brewing industry as a whole is a very collaborative place, we decided to make it a bit more fun by incorporating a little competition. We split the 6 breweries into two teams. Each team then put their heads together to come up with a recipe. We would then release the two beers and ask people to vote for the one they preferred. We decided we wouldn’t name the breweries in each team to keep it all about the beers.

On Friday night everyone made their way down to Constantine Bay in North Cornwall for a pre brew beverage or two, most arriving early evening, but a special mention must go to James from Cloudwater who went to the wrong Constantine and ended up 1.5 hours further down the peninsular near Falmouth.

On Saturday morning Team 2 appeared bleary eyed and maybe a little worse for wear. They decided to brew a Saison, with orange and turmeric and then dry hopped with Hallerteau Blanc. The mash for the Saison was on for 7am and the team, with some help from some of team 6, prepared the additions, grating a lot of fresh turmeric and orange peel. The brew went pretty well but I have never seen an emptied Whirlpool look quite like it did after the turmeric and orange peel had worked their magic. Team 6 decided to keep it simple and brew an IPA, but simple isn't as easy as it sounds. Sometimes simple is the most difficult because it means you've got nothing wacky to hide behind.

After we had finished brewing we danced and drank late into the night. I had a moment that evening where I looked around and realised... there must be very few industries that are as great to work in as this”.

A massive thanks to Eddie for speaking to us and to everyone involved in the 2/6 project for making sure we were the only retailer in the country to get this beer in any quantity. You can buy a 2/6 project mixed case here.


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Saison Recipe

Malt: Golden Promise, Golden Naked Oats, Wheat

Hops: Perle, Hallerteau Blanc, Hallertau Blanc (dry hopped).

Additions: Turmeric, Orange Peel

Yeast: Belle Saison

FG: 1005


IPA Recipe

Malt: Pale, Golden Naked Oats, Cara

Hops: Equinox, Amarillo, Citra, Motueka, Amarillo (dry hop), Citra (dry hop), Motueka (dry hop)

Yeast: Vermont