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Adnams, Dry Hopped Lager

In 1872 two brothers, named George and Ernest, bought a brewery in the sleepy Suffolk coastal resort of Southwold, and set about building a business their family could be proud of.

The plan was only half-successful.

Ernest applied himself to the task of creating ales for discerning drinkers of high and low estate. He did so well that the Adnams Brewery still flourishes today. His lasting legacy is a modern company with a thriving portfolio of pubs, hotels, kitchen supplies (?!), shops – and, of course, a range of mostly traditional fine ales which are widely available in barrel and bottle. These days Adnams are adored by craft beer geeks and real ale purists. That’s quite a feat.

The other brother George, alas, grew disenchanted with the life of a country brewer and took ship for South Africa, where he was eaten by a crocodile. Not so good.

In 2013 Adnams launched a range of more experimental brews under the Jack Brand label. This included their first ever lager which you lot now have your dirty mitts on.

“For our first true lager we were keen to make a beer that had the appearance that everyone is familiar with, but with the twist of more fruit driven hops,” said Fergus Fitzgerald, the head brewer at Adnams. “We did several trials on our pilot brew kit to try to get the right balance and eventually settled on this recipe.”

Brewed with Pilsner malt, this lager is dry hopped (see what that means here) with Australian Galaxy hops. The dry-hopping means it has all the tropical fruitiness of a decent pale ale, but the sweetness and strong base of a good malty pilsner. It won a gold medal at the International Beer Challenge 2014. Difficult to argue with that.


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