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Arbor Ales, Why Kick a Moo Cow

According to Wikipedia Waikikamukau is:

(i)   A fictitious town in New Zealand

(ii)  A racehorse from the 1990s

(iii) The name of this week’s beer by Arbor Ales.


OK, so we made that last bit up but this week's beer is a phonetic homage to the small, rural, fictitious town in New Zealand.

Founded by Megan Oliver and Jon Comer in 2007, Arbor Ales have seen the Bristol beer scene rocket over the past few years. So much so Bristol has really made a craft beer name for itself. Pretty impressive when you consider that Bristol has long been considered something of a cider city. Arbor can take some pride that they are more than a bit responsible for this transformation.

Quitting a job in IT, creating Arbor, building a team and growing the business. Jon and team have made Arbor a local success story. They’ve recently relocated to bigger premises, just in time to meet the increased demands placed on them for export and domestic consumption. If you wonder around your local M&S you might be pleasantly surprised to see a couple of their beers gracing their shelves.

This week’s beer is a proper southern hemisphere pale, the result of adding fiscally reckless amounts of New Zealand hops but with enough sweet malts to provide balance and really bring out that tropical fruit hit. We defy you to not think of Lilt when you drink this.

We did ask Henry from Arbor if there were any racehorses involved in the production of this beer. He told us that there weren’t. He assured us that no cows were kicked in the making of this beer either. Why kick a moo cow? Indeed.


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