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Beavertown Brewery, 8 Ball Rye IPA

There are few brewers with as much rock and roll appeal as Logan Plant, the fella behind Beavertown Brewery.

You’ll have all heard of his old man, Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant. Plant Sr is a big real ale fan. Banks’s Best Bitter is reportedly his tipple of choice and he dragged his son around pub gardens from an early age. Logan almost followed his father in to the music industry, but whilst on tour fronting the rock band Sons of Albion he spent an evening in a bar in Brooklyn stuffing his face with pulled pork and necking great beer brewed on site until the early hours. He had found his calling.

In December 2011 he teamed up with Byron Knight, a restaurateur, barman and cowboy hat wearing extraordinaire from LA, to start brewing in the kitchen of Duke’s Brew and Que, an old school boozer in De Beauvoir, Hackney, East London. Beavertown takes its name from the old cockney name given to the historic De Beauvoir area, famed across Victorian London for its rich characters and infinite revelry.

Whilst Duke’s Brew and Que is still serving up Beavertown’s brews and the best barbecue food in town, the brewery soon outgrew the kitchen. They moved to a new site based a few miles further East in the shadow of the Olympic stadium in Hackney Wick.

Then 2014 happened. It was a massive year for Beavertown. It saw them relocate again, this time to Tottenham Hale in North East London; a unit four times the size of the previous one and with a tasting room onsite. A new canning line has resulted in Beavertown’s beers (and let’s not forget that stunning artwork) reaching a much wider audience and firmly cemented their place amongst the UK craft beer elite.


This is a big shout, but as we said in our Golden Pint awards last week, we think Beavertown are one of the best breweries in the UK right now.  Their stunning core range includes ‘Black Betty’ (7.4% Black IPA); as dark as the night, but amazingly light and hoppy. ‘Gamma Ray’ (5.4% Pale Ale) is all American hops and is the epitome of a “juicy banger” when fresh. ‘Smog Rocket’ (5.4% Smoked Porter) is an incredible, rich, smokey porter inspired by London and a beer we’ve featured before.

And when these guys launch one of their limited edition beers, people sit up and take notice. ‘Stingy Jack’, a spiced pumpkin ale, ‘Bone King Double IPA’ and ‘Geronimo’, an imperial porter aged in Whiskey barrels were some of the most talked about beers of the last twelve months. That meant they were often far too hard to get hold of.

We’re mahossive fans of Beavertown. We expect a lot of you are too. If you weren’t, you will be by the time you’ve finished 8 Ball.


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