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Brighton Bier

Does anyone not love Brighton? Modern, but with a whiff of British seaside nostalgia. Colourful, cosmopolitan and a little bit nuts. It’s also great fun. Now they’ve got a craft brewer in town that is all of those things and more.

Brighton Bier began life in 2012 as a gypsy brewery at the famous Hand in Hand brewpub in Kemptown. “From the outset the ambition was to play a lead role in the revival of the city’s  once proud and independent commercial brewing heritage, and put Brighton firmly back on  the brewing map” explains Stephen Whitehurst, one of the directors at the brewery.

The brewery is just 1.5 miles from the town centre and a stone’s throw from the Brighton seafront. You sense a central location in the city has always been of paramount importance to Brighton Bier. Staying close to their brewing roots, but also maintaining the integrity of their brand as a brewery based in Brighton.

It's been an exciting journey from humble beginnings having quickly grown to a 7,500-litre per week production capacity less than a mile from where it all  started. They’ve got a clear plan for the kind of beers they want to produce according to Gary Sillence, Founder and Head Brewer; “we want to embrace the attitude, ingredients and flavour profiles of the progressive beer styles from Belgium, North America and beyond, but  to do so in a way that respects the character and historical integrity of British ale”.

A few weeks after bottling their signature “Brighton Bier”, the first beer they bottled, they rather cockily entered it into the International Beer Challenge. Over 630 beers from more than 30 countries entered. Brighton Bier was one of only three UK breweries, along with Beavertown and BrewDog, to win Gold. Nice work.

It’s a top session beer. Weighing in at just 4% it punches well above it’s weight flavour-wise. Tropical fruit dominates both the aroma and taste whilst the pale malts rein it all in and make it necessary to drink it in massive gob-fulls. The finish is dry and bitter making you want to gulp it faster. Oh, it’s gone.

"From its inception Brighton Bier has been about developing the beer culture of the city and getting  the best possible beer into the hands of Brighton residents and visitors alike”, said Gary Sillence (Brighton Bier founder and Brewer). We’re a long way from Brighton but we may well visit for a few more bottles of this. To the beach.

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