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Brussels Beer Project, Jungle Joy

A distinctly fresh mango and passionfruit Belgian Dubbel.

Since its inception in 2013, Brussels Beer Project (BBP) has been shaking the Belgian beer scene to its core. A focus on bold, challenging flavour profiles, with co-creation at the heart of everything they do, BBP is hauling Belgian beer into the 21st Century in their own unique style.


The Brussels Beer Project team

“Forget about the copy-pasting of the past. We're proud to be born in 2013 and not in 1492. We represent a contemporary Brussels; a cosmopolitan city which is alive, evolving and growing.”

Those are the rather bullish words of Olivier de Brauwere, a Brusselaar born and bred who founded BBP with his friend Sébastien Morvan in the historic beer quarter of Dansaert. The team is now 17 strong with job titles ranging from brewers... to logisticians... to community enablers.


Olivier de Brauwere (left) and Sébastien Morvan (right)

‘Co-creation’ and ‘Community Enablers’ aren’t words you’ll hear in many other breweries around the world. We asked Maxime Pecsteen, one of the newer members of the BBP family, to explain;

“Co-creation and collaboration are part of the Brussels Beer Project ‘s DNA. Every year a community of beer lovers from Brussels and around the world are invited to taste our new prototypes and choose the best of the lot. The highest rated beer is added to our All-Star range and will continue to be brewed forever.”

This week’s beer, Jungle Joy, is the latest addition to that range. Maxime introduces it;

“The Jungle Joy was elected by the community in the summer. The idea behind this beer was to go all-in on fruits and tropical exoticism! Jungle Joy, a perfect showcase of mango and passion fruit in a beer, without added sugar or artificial aromas… only the good stuff!”

Jungle Joy, unlike traditional Belgian Dubbels, brings fruity freshness and a touch of acidity, making it much more sessionable than the hefty ABV and dark colour would suggest. The malty, spicy notes you might be expecting are definitely there, but take a bit of a back seat, typifying BBP’s innovative approach to traditional Belgian beer styles.


The original brewery in Dansaert still produces more than 30 limited edition beers a year, all of which are available in the adjoining tap room. The core range, currently brewed at Brouwerij Anders 40 miles outside of Brussels, is soon to be brewed at a brand new facility just a few kilometres down the canal from BBP’s Dansaert site. The new brewery demonstrates just how fast BBP are growing and will churn out a whopping six and a half million pints a year.

Selling their wares in more than 20 countries, with new taprooms in Tokyo and Paris, the Beer Project revolution is building momentum.

You can buy a mixed case of Brussels Beer Project’s beers here.

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All photos are from Brussels Beer Project