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Chapter Brewing, Tired Eyes


Chapter Brewing, founded in December 2016, is an independent brewery based in Sutton Weaver, Cheshire.

Noah, founder and head brewer, explains how the idea came about, “it started as a way of forging together two important things for us: exciting beer and engaging literature. With my background as an English teacher, we wanted to be able to meld these two things together. All the beers are influenced by literature and aim to reflect something of them in the recipes.”

The bottles host incredible artwork from local artist Boneface (the fella that created the artwork for the last two Queens of the Stone Age albums), but also offer a reading suggestion in lieu of a food pairing which allows the drinker, if so inclined, to read the texts that influenced the beer, style and artwork. Cool, huh?

The story has 10 chapters/beers so far. Our picks of the bunch would have to be Dead Man’s Fist; a smoked porter inspired by The Ingoldsby Legends and I Said Doctor; a coconut and lime milk stout inspired by Alyn Shiptons The Life of a Singer-Songwriter. There are a few "co-authored collaborations" too, such as a celery sour brewed with Fourpure Brewing.

The words adorning the label on this week’s beer, "it takes a lifetime to die and no time at all", feature in Bone Palace Ballet (page 74), a stunning collection of 175 posthumously published works by Charles Bukowski.

Chapter 5, Tired Eyes is a Honey and Camomile wheat beer: something soothing and reminiscent of that moment before drifting off to sleep with a cup of tea in hand. “It’s a wheat beer but we didn’t want to use a typical wheat beer yeast. We wanted to let the other elements shine through. Each brew uses a different crop of local Haughton Honey. Dried camomile flowers are added at the start and end of the boil to add a light, floral sweetness. There are also some interesting notes of cinnamon and other spices in there … and then there’s the added bonus from the combination of the honey and camomile”, Noah tells us.

It’s a bit of a one-man show at Chapter most of the time. Whilst it’s no doubt extremely hard graft, it allows Noah, being everything from brewer to the sales team to the drayman, to have a close working relationship with both customers and suppliers. “That’s invaluable in terms of feedback, progression and development at this stage” he explains. Chapter also have Damo, who comes to help two days a week, bringing a wealth of knowledge and an immense work ethic to the brew-floor.

Since launching a little less than eighteen months ago, Chapter Brewing have seen their beers poured as far afield as Belgium and Denmark. They also won a RateBeer 2018 Award. A good start, but we can’t wait to see their story unfold further. Noah nods, “We’re on the right track.”

Chapter Brewing are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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