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Electric Bear Brewing, Persuasion


After the sale of his IT company in 2012, Chris Lewis (founder and Chief Bear) knew that he wanted to make something. With a passion for beer and dreams of opening a brewery Chris practised his skills as a budding homebrewer before escaping the confines of his garage to launch the Electric Bear Brewing Co. in September last year.

Operating out of a converted industrial unit (in an estate appropriately called The Maltings), less than two miles from the Roman Baths and borrowing their name from the old Bear Brewery in Bath Electric Bear have gotten off to a flying start. It takes good people to make great beer and Chris has put together quite a team.

Despite being a keen homebrewer there’s rumour that Chris isn’t actually that good at brewing! Whether this is true or not we can’t be sure as Chris brought in the talents of Guillermo Alvarez as their head brewer from the get go. Guillermo, formally of Rebel Brewing in Cornwall, is a multi-generation brewer. Wherever he goes, award winning beers will follow.

The rest of the team are made up by Matt and Jack (trusty brewery assistants), sales ninjas Ryan and Louise and Fred ‘the Beast’ Coombs (who delivers their beer). It’s clearly a good team.

Success to date hasn’t just been in the form of sales, Electric Bear have scooped awards for several of their beers already. These include Mochachocolata Ya Ya (a coffee caramel milk stout that is as good as it sounds) and Heisenberg (a doppelbock we featured in our Ones to Watch box earlier this year). The beer range is pretty diverse which is always a sign of a happy brewing team.

The brewery even has it’s own taproom which can get pretty busy, with crowds four deep at the bar when there’s an event on. It seems the locals are loving their beer and the ‘Electric’ atmosphere (sorry about that - Gordon). The taproom also houses the original Braumeister, as originally used by Chris, which they now use to create one off ‘nanobrews’ just for there.

This week’s beer is Persuasion and it was supposed to be the first beer by Electric Bear to hit the streets. However there were still some gremlins in the then new equipment and it “went a little wrong”. The original, over fermented version ended up being sold as No.1 and Chris still has the pump clip. Thankfully Persuasion arrived on the second attempt. Small and perfectly formed. 

What we get is a really easy going beer, persuasive even. Something that blends all that’s good about ‘craft’ beer with a traditional golden ale. Enough hops for the modern palate but with some old world malty charm too. Serve it cool. Up to an hour in the fridge is more than enough.

We think you’ll end up wanting to try more by these guys. Which is good because we’ve put together a fab mixed case for you. You can get yours here.


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