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Evil Twin Brewing, Hipster Ale

Twins Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø (above) and Mikkel Borg-Bjergsø grew up with their mom in a small town on the outskirts of Copenhagen where, in the way that is often the case with twins, they showed similar interests from an early age. At school they were both keen runners and later both became high school teachers. They were also both beer nerds. Together they started their own beer club, searching for different beers to host tasting sessions with their beer nerd friends (does this sound at all familiar Matt?).

This love affair for beer continued for both of them. Jeppe, opened a bottle shop (Ølbutikken) and beer importation business (Drikkeriget) in Copenhagen in 2005. The other then started a brewery (Mikkeller) in 2006. The brothers’ ventures were each successful and it all seemed fairly harmonious until 2010, when Mikkel started opening bars in Copenhagen. Something happened to their relationship at this time and Jeppe responded by starting his own brewery.

And so Evil Twin is born. Or at least that’s how the story goes.

Fast forward to the present day and both Jeppe and his brother are now world class gypsy brewers or, more (politically) correctly, they run ‘beer production companies’. Brewers without breweries who both seem to have rockstar like statuses amongst craft beer aficionados. You couldn’t make this up. Although we suspect a lot is made up of this particular sibling rivalry. You can read, what seems like a balanced account, here.  

Hipster Ale is a quaffable American pale ale that pours a lovely hazy orange and has a decent fruity kick. It’s no hop grenade but it is at the right end of juicy with hints of something else. This version is brewed by Two Roads Brewing Co. in Connecticut. Because Evil Twin is a brewing company and not a brewery this particular beer is prone to having different versions crop up from time to time. This particular beer can sometimes have different hop profiles, albeit with the same malt base. If there’s an advert for the advantages of gypsy brewing on this scale then it’s got to be the diversity of the beers that are brewed as a result of these continuous collaborations.

It’s hard to believe that Evil Twin was just Jeppe’s way of having a dig at his brother. It’s too well organised, it’s too big and it’s just too bloody good. In 2012 Jeppe, his wife and two children relocated to New York; to establish the Evil twin brand and make New York the beer (as well as the hipster) capital of the world. Watch this space.


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