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Fathergrime Modern Stout, Brewboard

Cambridgeshire's newest craft brewery

Cambridgeshire, it could be argued, is one of the best examples of the UK’s craft beer renaissance in recent years. With just one independent brewery listed by the Good Beer Guide prior to the turn of the millennium, the county now boasts a list of around twenty times that amount.

Based in Harston, south Cambridgeshire, the BREWBOARD team moved into their headquarters on New Year’s Day 2017, at the site of a former brewery no less, to begin installing their 18-barrel brew kit. Now fully operational, BREWBOARD produces around 4000 pints a week.

Brew kit

The Brew House

The idea for the brewery had been in the pipeline for a number of years prior. Co-founder, Stuart Chambers, had been experimenting with homebrewing for three years before he finally convinced mutual friends and co-founders, Paul Archer and Oliver Pugh to join the “Board” full time and get the brewery off the ground.

Over the last two years, the brewery has grown in stature and notoriety both locally and nationwide. On a local level, BREWBOARD is keen to develop the “BREWBOARD experience”, linking their brews to regional food, music and entertainment events.

Nationally, their growth can be attributed in part to the striking branding on each of BREWBOARD’s four core range beers. At this stage in craft beer’s evolution, it’s difficult to come up with something truly distinctive, but co-founder Oliver has done just that, putting his background in graphic design to excellent use.


Food events are a big part of the "BREWBOARD experience" 

The combination of these elements have led to a rapid expansion for BREWBOARD over the past eighteen months, however, the values set out by the team in the early days are still a vital component of BREWBOARD’s success, as Co-Founder Oliver Pugh explains;

“Our philosophy has always been simple - to produce craft beers that we enjoy drinking, and that we hope you will too. Our beers are all unfiltered, unfined and packed full of flavour and aroma. They are modern, intuitive and fearless, and use only the best ingredients that nature has to offer.”

Tonight’s beer is a shining example of this philosophy in practice. Oliver talks us through “FATHERGRIME” a Modern Stout, now part of BREWBOARD’s core range.

Munich and Roasted Barley kick things off with nutty and coffee flavours before Amber malt lends its weight for both body and a wonderful biscuity whiff. Things get interesting when Magnum, Mosaic and Falconer’s Flight hops add their orange and herbal flavours for a fruity and floral finish.”

Oliver continues;

We’ve aimed to create a beer that carries all the hallmark flavour profiles of a traditional stout but without the thickness in the body generally associated with a stout, giving it a lighter mouthfeel, leaning more towards a black IPA. The beer was originally given a much larger dose of dry hop but this has subsequently been reduced to balance the beer out on the hop aroma and flavour profile, allowing the subtleties of the mixed malts to shine through.”

With regular events at their taproom in Harston helping to build a strong following locally, and ambitions to improve nationwide distribution, expect to see those sexy BREWBOARD cans much more frequently over the coming years.

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