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Good Things Brewing Co, Pale Ale

Some breweries are more ambitious than others. Some want to brew the best beer in the land. Some want worldwide domination. Good Things Brewing is after something different. “Our goal is to open the world's most sustainable brewery. And that means completely energy efficient, off-grid with everything recycled and reused from water to grain.”

Those are the words of Chris Drummond (below), who founded the brewery with his old mucker Sam Robinson last year. Chris has 15 years experience in the renewable energy industry and it’s being put to good use. The team are building a new brewery in the Sussex countryside from the ground up to be completely off-grid from the word go. Chris explains why;

“The way beer is brewed is really inefficient. Raw ingredients are shipped in from all over the world, leftover grain is recycled inefficiently and huge amounts of energy and water is wasted. Our planet simply can’t sustain it”

When Chris reals off some statistics, it all sounds pretty alarming.

“The UK beer industry produces 2.16 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. That's like driving a double-decker bus around the world 108,121 times. 1.85 hectolitres of water is used to make beer in the UK every year - the equivalent of 60,000 Olympic-size swimming pools. The UK beer industry produces 900 million kilograms of waste grain every year. That's the equivalent weight of 2,699 Boeing 747s. It takes 94 trees a day to absorb the carbon footprint of just one pint.”

Whilst the brewing industry at large has been taking steps to be more efficient and bring these numbers down, there is no doubt that Chris and his mates are setting a new standard.

“All of our water will be bored from natural sources running beneath our brew site. We'll be extracting steam from our brew and recycling it back into the system to heat water for the next batch. We've designed our kit to run solely off renewable technology, including photovoltaic panels, battery storage and a wind turbine. We'll be producing more power than we need so we plan to use the excess to charge our delivery vans to provide drop-off charging stations for our taprooms and bars and to support our local community. All water that's used throughout the brewing process and to clean equipment will go through an anaerobic, natural, reed bed filtration system. As water passes through each of our four reed beds, it's cleaned by microorganisms living on the root system and in the litter. Anything harmful is taken away and it'll be safe to reuse.”

Even the brewery’s spent grain is dried and milled so that it can be reused to make flour.

“We've designed the world’s first low-energy, large-scale, solar-powered dehydrator to dry and our spent grain. We then mill it using a traditional stone mill to produce this incredible wholemeal flour putting this otherwise wasted ingredient to deliciously good use.”

It’s not flour you’re here for though, right? The beers are pretty damn good too. The team are initially keeping it simple with a core range of an IPA, a lager and this week’s beer; a super floral and fruity IPA. Chris introduces it;

“The Good Things Pale was developed by a great friend & truly inspirational lady Jenn Merrick (former Head Brewer at Beavertown Brewery). We took the idea for a Pale Ale that could become a go-to beer for so many, a beer that did exactly what it promised, every time; an easy drinking well-balanced pale with tropical notes and floral on the nose”.

So what’s in store for the Good Things Brewing team over the next few years?

“We are currently at the proof of concept stage, putting all our efforts into to one brewery. Then, once proved we would love to be able to take our learnings and concepts and help as many breweries as we possibly can to reduce their energy, waste and in turn, make their companies more profitable and more responsible in their own way”.

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