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Liverpool Craft Beer Co, Rye Pale Ale

If aliens, who had never tasted beer, were to be watching us from some far away galaxy they would observe that being a brewer is a pretty illogical career choice. Putting aside the long hours and poor pay, it’s actually more about cleaning than brewing, involves working in a slightly dangerous environment and requires more than a passing interest in chemistry to be any good at it. These curious non beer drinking extraterrestrials would struggle to see the reason why anyone would quit an indoors job with a comfy chair and no manual lifting in order to take up brewing.

But that’s exactly what Paul Seiffert and Terry Langton did in 2010. Back before beer became cool. Back before operating out of a railway arch was on trend. Not based in that London either but in their home of Liverpool. Some people just like to live their lives swimming upstream.

Video by Liverpool based There is More Films 

The Liverpool Craft Beer Co. was founded with no big money backing and very little experience outside of a bit of kitchen-based homebrewing. But sometimes these constraints are what makes things great. Turning a less than ideal small space, a small railway arch in Love Lane, into a modern brewery from scratch was a labour of, well, love. Using reconditioned brewing kit that was modified and installed with a little help from their friends, the Liverpool Craft Beer Co. opened its doors in 2010.

This pioneering spirit echoes that of USA craft beer brewers of the 1980s, brewing out of garages and other repurposed spaces. The same influence can be found in their range of beers with some big abv hoppy hitters and my new favourite beer name ever that is the Zombie Apocalypse Emergency Plan.

They are also actively involved in the promotion of craft beer in their city. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the company of Liverpudlians will know something of the pride they have for the place, the people and industries that it has spawned. Paul and Terry are making sure that Liverpool beer is no exception with specific beers for local bars, nightlife and events as well as organising the Liverpool Craft Beer Expo. They are putting their city on the craft beer map (if such a thing existed).

This week’s beer is their Rye Pale Ale, an Anglo-American beer or RyePA if you will. It’s a gorgeous crisp pale with a nutty backbone. Loaded, but not overloaded, with hops. We’re a big fan of rye beers and, if you are new to them we urge you to give rye a try.

In Paul and Terry’s own words; “We don’t believe in making a fanfare about our beer, but rather let it do the talking. We believe in just keeping busy brewing good beer, everything else will look after itself.”

We aren’t going to argue with that.

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If you are in their hood this weekend you can catch them at the Independent Liverpool Winter Wonderland.

It seemed only right that we needed to include a recipe for scouse in this week’s beer right up. Here it is.

Serve quite cold. Half an hour in the fridge should do it.




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