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Moor Beer, RAW

The Moor Beer Company began life in 1996 on an old dairy farm in the Somerset Levels and Moors where, for a little over a decade they turned out some great quality beers, some time before craft beer was a glint in BrewDog’s eye.

By 2007 the brewery could no longer keep up with demand and times were changing. So enter stage right Justin and Maryann Hawke, two ex US Army officers and former San Franciscans who had been party to the craft beer revolution in the States.

So it was that the newly acquired Moor Beer Company relaunched with Justin and Maryann at the helm. The subsequent expansion saw increases in both the brewing capacity and the beers themselves, bringing a diversity of taste to the beers previously not found in many UK breweries.

Whilst a couple of the original beers survived the transition, such as (the amazing) Old Freddy Walker, even these had something of a facelift. As has the brewery with new premises and a move to Bristol, just a hop skip and jump from Temple Meads Station. There’s a tap room too. Worth knowing, you know, in case you miss your train.

“Mummy, my beer is cloudy?” Not long after graduating from West Point Military College Justin was stationed in Frankfurt where he grew rather fond of some of the cloudy German beers. Once in charge of Moor he quickly decided that they weren’t going to hide behindfiltering and finings to make their beers taste or look good. No sirree. Now there was a time when a cloudy beer meant it was a bad beer, certainly here in Blighty. But Moor are proving the opposite to be true.

This week’s beer, RAW, was originally brewed to be the house beer for Real Ale Weston (hence the name) pub and the Royal Artillery Arms. Whilst those two establishments are now both gone this beer lives on.

Let’s take a moment to look at the can. Now we know that some of you don’t believe good beer comes in cans or would have us know that this type of vessel in some way cheapens the experience. We think this is the first can we’ve seen that genuinely feels classy. From the artwork to the textured print it’s all in these little details.

The beer itself pours a gorgeous amber with a slight haze. And the aroma, oh boy. This feels like someone has taken one of our favourite best bitters and just turned up the fruity hoppy dials just perfectly.

We think that the result is either a best bitter with a gorgeous hoppy hit or a mellow version of an American style hop grenade. Whichever way you approach this beer from, it’s a winner.

All in a sub 5% beverage too. The best thing we can recommend to go with this beer is another one. Or maybe two (but drink responsibly yahdeeyah).

“Beer is a living, wholesome beverage that has nourished mankind for millennia.  When consumed in moderation there are many reported health benefits.  Above all, it enhances nearly every occasion.  Whether it’s a mass celebration or solitary moment at home, our beers give you the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of life”. We’re with you there Justin.


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