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Partizan Brewing, Various

Partizan are about to brew their 100th different beer. We haven't had a bad one yet.

Partizan Brewing founder Andy Smith's first beer was created with a friend on a starter kit in his hometown of Leeds in 2006. The goal back then was simply to make cheap beer. However, it ended up tasting surprisingly good. Andy was hooked.

Soon after that he was tempted to the bright lights of London Town where he worked as a chef in Chelsea. When the restaurant started running in to trouble he decamped to The White Horse in Parson's Green. Whilst taking a delivery at the pub he met the head brewer and founder of Redemption Brewery in Tottenham. They got chatting about homebrewing. They were soon working together.  

After two years of helping out at Redemption, Andy got restless. Brewing from 9am to 5pm using someone else's recipe wasn't enough. He started looking for his next move.

The options were... taking a more involved role at a bigger, more experimental brewery OR ploughing his own furrow. The latter didn't really hold much appeal for Andy. That was until Evin O'Riordain at The Kernel Brewery offered him their old brewing kit… for free. Andy set up shop just down the road from The Kernel, in a converted railway arch on Bermondsey's Almond Road. He hasn't looked back since.

Can't see video? Watch it here... 'Andy Smith Makes Beer' on Vimeo.

Andy's background as a chef is clear for all to see in their flavourful and often experimental brews. Put it this way; Partizan are about to brew their 100th different beer. We can't claim to have tried all of them but we've had a good number and haven't had a bad one yet.

Picking one beer to feature was always going to be difficult, so instead we've gone for three.

Pale with Mosaic, Pacific Jade, Green Bullet hops (5.3% ABV) - Pours a hazy orange and is packed full of juicy tangerine and grapefruit flavours. A citrus lemon cuts through all that to leave a lasting bitterness. Fresh as a daisy.

An IPA with Mosaic, Centennial and Chinook hops (7.1%) - A bit more heavy hitting (although you wouldn't necessarily know it without checking the label), this is an accomplished IPA with tonnes of tropical fruit aromas and flavour moving over for a hoppy, bitter crescendo. Scarily moreish.

Finally, we've got another Pale with Chinook and Centennial hops (5%) - A bit more balance with this lighter American pale ale. Some sweeter bready malts enter stage with a sprinkling of sherbert, before a grapefruit and citrus kick steals the show.

Partizan's range of beers look the part too. The labels feature beautifully drawn illustrations by local artist Alec Doherty, using quirky characters to spell out the names of each beer. Those same characters look like they've had a drink. They could do a lot worse than Andy's fine beers.


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