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Redchurch Brewery, Shoreditch Blonde

It’s an exciting time at Redchurch Brewery right now. They’ve just opened a second brewing site, having outgrown their current location in Bethnal Green, London in under two years. The new site is in Harlow (which is actually just outside the M25!) and is where they will mostly brew their core range. Starting this week.

I asked Sofia from Redchurch if, despite this new site, they were staying local. “Yes! Our heart and home is in East London, and if there was enough space, we would have never left. Gary Ward (founder / MD) started brewing in his apartment on Redchurch Street over five years ago now, and still lives up the road in Dalston. Nearly our whole team is based out East, and we simply are an East London brewery, which we’re very, very proud of.”

It seems that the Bethnal Green site will now become their research and development HQ, including a rather exciting Brettanomyces beers and barrel ageing project. The taproom is also staying put in East London. Which is good news for the locals.

Redchurch was started back in 2011 when Gary switched from his career as a solicitor to pursue his then brewing hobby. We’re not at all sure what the transferrable skills of a lawyer are to a brewer but there must have been some in spades judging by Redchurch’s popularity and growth to date.

In this day and age of fancy cans and fancy pants graphics the Redchurch branding seems to have a less is more theme. Classic beers done incredibly well. There’s a more playful and experimental side too with a series of specials and wild beers. Apparently there’s a lemon and sage saison in the offing. It might even be on tap at their moving party on the 10th September. You read it here first.

Choosing this week’s beer was a joy. Sofia explains why it was an easy call;

“Shoreditch Blonde is a truly standout beer in our range, and unlike anything any other breweries in the UK have in theirs. It’s a great ‘gateway’ beer for someone who drinks lager but is interested in trying something different. It’s brewed with a saison yeast, but fermented at very cold temperatures so that the yeast doesn’t go too nuts and get all of those hot, farmhouse­y flavours; instead, it’s bitter but fruity, with a clean, dry finish.”

We think this is just about the perfect picnic beer, you know, with a nice scotch egg and maybe some soft cheese and crusty bread. You'll probably want more than one of these. Sorry.

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