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Redwell Brewing, Steam Lager

Redwell Brewery was established in May 2013, with the aim of getting more craft lagers and ales in to Norfolk bars, pubs and bottle shops.

“When we first started the brewery, nobody in Norfolk was doing anything like it. The cask ales around were good, but not as diverse as we wanted to be” explains Nate Southwood, beer blogging supremo at Booze, Beats and Bites and Marketing Manager at Redwell Brewing. “Our inspiration may come from all over the world, from Scotland to Scandinavia, to Canada and beyond but we stick to the true heritage of Norfolk brewing by using malted barley that is grown right here on our doorstep”.

Since opening the brewery just over two years ago, Redwell have expanded massively, increasing production fourfold and winning several awards for their beers. Our favourite of those beers (hands down) is the Steam Lager. Nate tells us a bit more about it...

“Back in 2013, it was difficult to find a Steam Beer or a California Common Ale other than Anchor Steam, a beer which inspired us. We wanted to create a beer which could appeal to both lager and ale drinkers, by using more hops to give it some fruitiness combined with the caramel flavours of the local barley and the crisp, clean finish of a Lager. Up until recently, along with the rest of our beers, Steam Lager was only available in keg with the occasional bottle but back in February we made the decision to start canning it to make it further accessible to people in areas that our kegged beers aren’t available in”.

We’re glad he mentioned those cans. A great beer is one thing. It’s even better when the packaging design is as good as this.

“We needed an eye catching design on our cans but didn’t think our current keg badge designs would be the best use of the large canvas that is a 330ml can, so we enlisted a local illustrator to come up with a design, resulting in the Saturn V on the can in front of you” explains Nate further.

Since Redwell started brewing the Steam Lager two years ago, it has become a more popular style of beer with many other UK breweries following in their footsteps. One sip in to this week’s beer and it’s easy to see why.


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