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Roadie All Night IPA, Signature Brewery

Everything at the brewery is inspired by music and the team’s favourite bands.

Signature Brew was founded by cousins Sam McGregor and Tom Bott when they grew tired of going to great gigs and drinking crap beer. Everything at the brewery is inspired by music and the team’s favourite bands.

“Music has been central from the start and we pride ourselves on doing it better than any other brewery” explains John Longbottom, who is Head of Marketing at Signature Brew having previously worked at Kerrang!.

The Signature Brew Team

Mastodon, alt-J, Mogwai and Enter Shikari have all been up to their elbows in hops making beer with the Signature Brew team at their HQ in Leyton, East London. You might need to be up to speed with modern rock music to have heard of Slaves, who hosted an anarchic live beer tasting on Sunday brunch with the beer they made with the Signature Brew team. Everyone has heard of the band with which they collaborated next. Signature supplied the beer for The Foo Fighters Arms when the band took over The Dundee Arms in Bethnal Green for a night. Some night it was too. Apparently.

“We're fortunate to have done some incredible things so far and there are a lot more coming”, says John with an excitable grin.

A solid core range featuring Backstage IPA, Studio Pilsner, Nightliner and this week’s beer, Roadie All Night IPA, saw them win the Society of Independent Brewers Association’s (SIBA) Brewery Business of the Year award in 2018. We asked John to introduce Roadie;

“Roadie all-night IPA is the most popular beer we brew. It's our go-to IPA and it won SIBA SE's Gold Award for Best Canned Pale Ale. When you're drinking it you should watch out for notes of citrus fruits including grapefruit and lime coming out of the tasty Citra hops. It's designed to be sessionable and refreshing – perfect for the grafting roadies and crew it's named after.”

A bit of geeky trivia for you. The can art is inspired by bands' AAA passes. "They lend themselves nicely to displaying information that would usually be buried on the back, such as OG and IBU", John explains.

Signature Brew opened a concept Taproom & Venue in Haggerston, which offers 10 lines of beers and plays host to live music and events. This year will see the brewery kick on again, John tells us.

“We recently completed our crowdfunding campaign so our main priority is moving the brewery to a nearby, East London site which will triple our capacity and help us meet our existing demand. The site will have a state-of-the-art brew kit as well as an on-site taproom. We're also going to continue to work with some of the best, biggest and most talented artists in the world to create uncompromising and exciting beers. It's going to be an exciting 12 months.”

Signature Brew are on Twitter and Facebook.

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