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Siren Craft Brew, Half Mast QIPA

There’s a bit in the film Point Break where Keanu Reeves, who plays an undercover cop pretending to be a lawyer who is learning to surf in order to get close to a gang of bank robbing surfers, is told by one of the bank robbing surfers that “Lawyers don’t surf.”

To which Patrick Swayze, who plays the head of the bank robbing surfers, replies “This one does.”

Very cool, but nothing to do with beer. Bear with me...

Siren have only been going since 2012 but have consistently punched above their weight.

Brews such as the Rule of Thirds IPA, Tickle Monster and Even More Jesus VIII (amongst others) show a commitment to top end collaborative brewing. And their core range includes stand out beers such as Liquid Mistress, a beer that we’ve previously featured here at BeerBods.

All this from an innocuous industrial estate in Finchampstead (it’s near Reading). In 2014 they were announced by RateBeer as “England's Best New Brewery” AND “The Second Best New Brewery in the World”. Some accolades.

A lot of this success has been put down to their previous head brewer, Ryan Witter-Merithew. Ryan is something of a brewing talent and fits the modern American craft brewer stereotype to a tee. Plaid shirt, big beard, tattoos and bags of opinion, Ryan came to Siren from South Carolina via the Rockies and Denmark. I suspect if you cut him he bleeds Imperial Stout. Barrel-aged. Obviously. As Ryan heads off to Hill Farmstead in Vermont he can be sure that he helped get Siren off to an impressive start.

There’s also a quieter, less public, voice behind Siren. That of Darron Anley, the founder. A previous head of an IT company (and race car driver), Darron has set an impressive velocity for Siren from the very beginning. And there are no signs of this letting up. Take their latest collaboration with Surly Brewing Company as part of the amazing Rainbow Project, ‘Blue Sky Blue Sea’ a Seaweed and Cloudberry Gose. It won’t be available for another nine days but we are itching to try it.

We last featured their beer in January 2014 and you all loved it. We could have easily gone for another from their core range. But no, we wanted to go different. Then we thought we’d go really different and choose this week’s beer. It’s a ‘quarter’ IPA or QIPA if you will. A beer with flavour, balance and body at only 2.8%? Crazy. It has a a big tropical fruit hit but without the defcon style alcohol warning. Serve it nice and chilled and enjoy it on an Indian summer’s evening.

Former IT directors don’t make amazing craft beer. This one does.

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