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Tangerine Tart, Fierce Beer

Because oranges are a proper thing at Christmas

When Dave Grant and David McHardy first met at a brewing course in Sunderland it must have gone something a little bit like this;

Dave: “Hello, my name is Dave. I work in the oil industry but I really want to be a brewer.”

David: “Me too!”

“It was a bit weird,” Dave Grant says. “We started talking, and everything fell into place very well. I liked the beers he was making, he liked the beers I was making, and we are both massive foodies.”

From the moment Fierce Beer opened their doors in Aberdeen back in May 2016 it was clear that they intended to stand out from the crowd. Bold, interesting beers with attitude and great bottle (now can) art. Not everyone was going to like them but that was ok. In fact, their first batch of bottles had something along the lines of “you're probably going to hate this, but…” on the label. We guess that the logic behind that was that, well, you had been warned.


This bold move has some of the telltale characteristics of their mentors, Brewdog, but it’s David and Dave’s team (aka #fiercefamily) that have stuck to their guns and delivered on their promises.

It’s working too. Awards like ‘Best New Scottish Brewery’ and praise from within the brewing industry have flooded in. More importantly, people cannot get enough of their beers and are prepared to reach into their pockets to buy it. This explains how and why, in just two short years, Fierce Beer have doubled their production, installed their own canning facility and opened a bar in Aberdeen. Along with collaborations such as the sublime People Like Buns (with Danish brewers People Like Us) and a partnership to brew South African-based Devil’s Peak beers here in the UK. The team at Fierce Beer have been busy.


This week’s beer, Tangerine Tart, is one of five fruit inspired offerings in their impressively diverse core beer range. Sour ales can be quite intimidating but there’s no need to be afraid, this isn’t one of those that make you feel like you are sipping on a bag of Haribo Tangfastics. No, there’s a lightness to this. Whether it’s the relatively modest ABV or the addition of actual orange (peel and concentrate) the result is really quite refreshing.

In fact, it would be a great summer beer, albeit we’re featuring it in December on the run up to Christmas for good reason. Oranges.

Oranges are a proper thing at Christmas for good reason. They compliment all those festive spices, candied fruits and bigger, boozy flavours that abound at this time of year. This beer will go as well with your next mince pie. It would also be a great palette cleanser, a refreshing respite between two heavier Christmas offerings, be they beer or food. It’s little wonder that this beer has already won 'Sour of the Year’ in the 2018 Scottish Beer Awards.

Ambitious, eye-catching, memorable, tasty. Fierce Beer are anything but boring.

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