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The Cronx Brewery, Standard

“The Cronx is a word mash-up of Croydon (or it’s postcode CR0) and The Bronx, and is used as an affectionate tongue in cheek reference to the often much maligned London Borough we call home” explains Mark Russell, who along with his friend Simon Dale, founded The Cronx Brewery in 2012.

Both Mark and Simon were born and bred in Croydon. The London riots of 2011 (which affected Croydon particularly badly) forced them both to stop talking and get off their arses to launch a brewery in the area; something they’d been talking about since meeting at a beer festival 12 months previously. “There had been no commercial brewery in the town since 1954. The riots and resulting renewal of community spirit convinced us to push ahead with our plans. We like to feel we're part of a new wave of businesses that are starting up and making people realise that the area is not as bad as a lot of outsiders say it is" says Mark.

After nearly a year of test brewing, planning and trying to find financial backing, The Cronx Brewery brewed commercially for the first time on 18th July 2012. They had their first beers on sale in Croydon pubs on Wednesday 8th August 2012, exactly one year after the riots. A nice symbolic gesture. They haven’t been able to brew fast enough to meet demand ever since and now brew five permanent beers, as well as a range of special seasonal and one-off brews.

Standard* was The Cronx’s first beer and is a full bodied British Best Bitter using Pale and Crystal malts with a touch of the darker malts for depth of flavour. It uses English hops for aroma and flavour.

Best served after fifteen minutes in the fridge. It’s got everything from toffee apple and dried raisins in the aroma. The flavour will evolve as it warms with a nice journey from sweet, treacle-like malt to a crisp, bitter, floral hop finish on the palate. Lovely jubbly. Standard.



* Standard - “Assumed. Part of the natural way of things. The way things have always been. A word to describe something which goes without saying” (taken straight from



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