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Tickety Brew, Dubbel

Tickety Brew was founded by husband and wife team, Duncan and Keri Barton on 14th February 2013. The brewery was built during the day and the first brew took place throughout the night. “It was a very romantic Valentine’s, as you can imagine!” laughs Keri.

Duncan had been acting from a young age (film credits include Agent Z and Penguins from Mars) but he became disenchanted with the film industry. There is still a nifty little homage to cinema on the Tickety Brew labels however. So he and his wife Keri, who was also bored of her nine to five, decided to cobble together their life savings and forge a career around their young family, based in their hometown of Stalybridge on the outskirts of Manchester.

They got off to a tough start. Crabbies (you know, the sickly sweet alcoholic ginger beer poshos) got all heavy handed as they had trademarked the marketing slogan “tickety boo” and were worried people would mistake the two beverages. We kid you not. After the ensuing social media storm, common sense prevailed and Tickety Brew thankfully continue to use the, rather brilliant, name. There have been many ups and downs since, all gloriously and honestly told by Keri on the Tickety Brew blog.

We asked Keri how she’d describe Tickety Brew’s beer range. “Belgian yeast is our not-so-secret ingredient. We aim to pour something tasty yet different, without getting too wacky, down the throats of the nation. Think more classic styles with a modest pinch of TicketyBrew spirit. It’s an ongoing journey to discover new flavour combinations and the perfect yeast to enhance these”.

With that kind of obsession for all things Belgian, it will come as no surprise that Duncan’s first brew was this week’s beer, the Dubbel, unapologetically inspired by Westmalle’s version of the style.

“While it's a dark beer it contains no roasted malts, giving it a smooth taste. We achieve the deep burnt red appearance by adding a dark sugar syrup. The light, German noble hop provides a light spiciness and a mellow bitterness. While it's a fairly sweet beer, the dry finish ensures it's not cloying” explains Duncan.

“TicketyBrew might not have been started with some great ambition to turn the world of brewing upside down, but it has been started with great love and commitment. We try and come up with new ideas and give them a whirl as often as our small brewery allows, to keep us excited about our day job. We are very lucky to be feeding our family through the beer that Duncan makes.”

Tickety Brew are also on Twitter.


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