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Tiny Rebel Brewing, Stay Puft

Born in Newport, South Wales in 2012 and led by two friends Brad and Gazz. They started in a humble garage armed with little but a glorified homebrew kit, a ton of ideas and a lot of ambition. “We're tiny, but we're rebels.” they say. They are Tiny Rebel.

Their first two beers, FUBAR and Urban IPA received recognition at the Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival. A year later they launched their first bar in Cardiff; Urban Tap House. Fast forward a few years and Tiny Rebel Brewery have firmly established themselves at the forefront of the British craft beer scene.

Stay Puft first went on sale in 2016... and sold out in 36 hours. It’s a marshmallow porter that has the roasty taste of a porter with added sweetness. There have been a few versions of this beer (imperial and chocolate orientated) but what you have here dear readers is the definitive version; the original.

It’s dark and roasty with all the flavours you’d expect from a beer of that description, but with a creamy sweet addition of marshmallow. There’s biscuit, chocolate and sticky vanilla notes. It’s like liquid s’mores” explains Niall Thomas, Marketing Manager at Tiny Rebel.

The great big marshmallow man on the front of the can is a rather playful take in the character from Ghostbusters, the cult classic 80s movie.

Most of our inspiration comes from retro video games or films - there’s always something there to inspire us and to put a smile on our faces. That’s what beer’s all about.” says Niall.

If you look at the names and the drawings on some of their other beers, you’re sure to find something to put a smile on your face. Recently, they came 3rd in the ‘Craft Beer Name World Cup’ with Clwb Tropicana, a tropical IPA.

Tiny Rebel have a selection of beers like no other. And they just keep on coming. I am Brut, Peaches & Cream, Fields Forever, El Hefe, RISE lager are just some of the best recent inventions. They have also had a go at launching a range of gins and ciders.

The response to the gin has been incredible and has been a firm favourite with the office team. It’s nice to have an alternative to beer, going back to variety again”.

The designs are all drawn by hand from their very own creative director, Taz. When you join the company, you also get your own Tiny Rebel bear in the style that you want.

Personality is a big part of what we do and we want everyone that works here to feel that they can bring that with them, so having that bear, that is both unique and in the shape of Tiny Rebel, is really important”.

They moved into their new brewery last year and since then things have really started to scale.

We can now brew 360 bbl a week rather than 120. Less than two years in (to our new brewery) and we’re already running out of space, so we’ve bought a similar sized plot of land across the road” Niall tells us, admitting that this breakneck growth is a nice problem to have.

It's definitely worth a trip across the (soon to be free) Severn Bridge to Wales to see this lot in action. If not just to see the three enormous silos with the 3 core beers on the front... Cwtch, Clwb and Stay Puft. There is also a fantastic restaurant and bar on site.

Six years since launching, things are going just great for these rebels... although they are no longer tiny. They are now shipping to over 35 countries, have more than 100 staff and are picking up countless awards along the way, including being the youngest ever brewery to win CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain with Cwtch. Tidy.

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