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Tiny Rebel, Cwtch

Brothers-in-law Gareth “Gazz” Williams and Bradley “Brad” Cummings are the fellas behind Tiny Rebel, the best thing to come out of Newport since Goldie Lookin Chain.

What started as a couple of mechanical and electrical engineers brewing beer in their garage transformed in to a fledgling brewery in 2012 and promptly turned the Welsh beer scene on its head; a part of the world where the options at the bar 10 years ago were a pint of Brains or… erm Brains.

They’re based on a pretty generic, uninspiring industrial estate on the edge of town, but stepping through the door is a Narnia like experience… if Narnia was a stainless steel and graffiti laden beer temple. A talented graffiti artist broke in one night and spray painted a mahoosive mural on the wall before turning his attention to Tiny Rebel’s bottling line. OK, that’s not really true, but that’s what it looks like. The local artist (called “Dones one”) was commissioned to do the mural. A Canadian artist called Tamsin Baker came up with original Tiny Rebel brand identity. If you know Newport, you know why it works so well.

In 2013 they opened Cardiff's first-ever, fully devoted craft beer bar, the Urban Tap House. Definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in the city.

Things were ticking over quite nicely for Gazz and Brad until last Summer when this week’s beer, Cwtch, only went and won CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain making them the youngest brewery ever to win the award.

It has been chaos for the boys from South Wales ever since. Whilst some traditionalist CAMRA types were choking on their Timothy Taylor as Tiny Rebel picked up the award, anyone that had tried the beer knew instantly why it had won. “We were brought up on real ale and we love traditional styles. Cwtch is our modern version of a traditional bitter, with extra hopping for a more pronounced bitterness and aroma. It’s new world and old world all in one” explains Gazz.

They’ve recently opened a new tap house in Newport and are in the process of selling their current brewing kit (anyone want a brewery for 120 grand?) with grand plans to upgrade and increase production five-fold by the end of this year to keep up with demand both here and overseas… they are currently exporting to 24 countries including Australia and Taiwan.

Tiny Rebel seem to be doing everything right. We asked them what the secret to their success (in such a short time) is. “We have a little more imagination than most and we’re not afraid to use it” replied the Tiny Rebel lads in typically brash fashion. Mind you, they’ve got the beers to back it up.


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