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Velveteen, Dark Revolution

A decadent chocolate milk stout from Salisbury

Husband and wife team Greg and Tanya Hughes spent eight years running one of the UK’s largest homebrew supply companies before founding Dark Revolution in 2016.

Greg has even had his own homebrew book published and was often asked to judge the best efforts of budding homebrewers in competitions held across the country. Many of the winners of those competitions would go on to launch some of Britain’s leading craft breweries, so it seemed like a natural evolution for Greg and Tanya to try doing a little more brewing themselves.

Greg Hughes, Dark Revolution Founder

They began by cuckoo brewing at Cheddar Ales (the same brewery that has hosted Wiper & True and Left Handed Giant when they both got up and running) in Somerset, before taking the plunge and building their own commercial brewery in, what must be said, is a fairly unusual location. The impressive Brewery and Taproom is nestled amongst a cluster of First and Second World War hangars, sheds and shacks bordering the old runway at Old Sarum Airfield in Salisbury.

“Salisbury has been a little behind other cities, especially in terms of craft beer offerings with very few craft bars and bottle shops. Having the tap room where we can showcase an ever-changing roster of our beers has not only been great for our customers but also given us fast, direct feedback on new beers and also allows us to engage face to face with our punters” explains Greg.

The Dark Revolution Taproom in Salisbury

Velveteen was one the first beers that Greg brewed under the Dark Revolution banner. It’s a decadent chocolate milk stout with silky smooth oats giving it lovely smooth mouthfeel. Organic cacao nibs and lactose sugar provide the real magic, making it sweet enough to be a pudding in its own right. A kind of alcoholic, chilled hot chocolate, if you like.

“We wanted something that was packed with flavour but at the same time easy drinking and balanced. It’s been a firm favourite with both the brewing team and customers ever since” Greg tells us.

With Novichok attacks and an attempted Magna Carta theft, Salisbury has had a tough time of it over the last year. But now, due to Dark Revolution’s wonderful taproom, the beautiful medieval city is even more worthy of a visit. There is a revolution happening. Aside from the colour of this week's beer, there is nothing dark about it.

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