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Wharfe Bank Brewery, Black Geld

Wharfe Bank Brewery was founded by Martin Kellaway, an ex-professional cricketer, in 2010 on the banks of the River Wharfe in Pool-In-Wharfedale, West Yorkshire.

If truth be told, we weren’t really aware of Wharfe Bank until Leigh Linley got a gig there a few years later. Leigh was more well known as a beer blogger and sometime writer who documented the beer scene between 2007-2014. His award-winning Great Yorkshire Beer books and various freelance articles in magazines such as BEER, Leeds Guide and On Trade Preview also brought focus to the new wave of craft brewing in Yorkshire, whilst celebrating the region’s rich brewing history. Now working at Wharfe Bank as a brand manager, he works on promoting Wharfe Bank throughout Yorkshire and beyond.

Tyler Kiley, Wharfe Bank’s Head Brewer, previously worked for Friends of Ham, Stew & Oyster and Mr Foley’s Cask Ale House, before moving to production and finally brewing, at Wharfe Bank. In 2015, unders Tyler’s watchful eye, the brewery made waves with their Session IPA, Ro Sham Bo, and have an extensive beer roster to make sure that every taste is catered for. This year, they’ll be turning their hand to California Common, Coffee IPA, Rhubarb Hefeweizen, Table beer and White Stout amongst others.

Black Geld takes its name from a tributary of the River Wharfe, and pours a deep black hue. The aroma and flavour pits silky liquorice against dark grain, with the finish pulling in bramble and blackcurrant notes alongside subtle hop flavours.

Tyler told us “we use Palisade, Simcoe and Summit hops in Black Geld but we make sure that the beer remains balanced; there’s plenty of roasted malt flavour in there – it’s not all about the hop. We wanted Black Geld to remain a beer with all the flavours in harmony.”

In terms of food matching, Leigh recommends blue cheese, white chocolate and vanilla desserts as well as slow-braised red meats. The fruitiness and sweetness in the beer also compliments barbecue really well; in particular beef ribs. 

Because we wiped Wharfe Bank out of Black Geld, a few subscribers will have the Oberon IPA in their box. Oberon Session IPA began life as a stronger, full-strength IPA, which was brewed mainly for Export markets. The folks at Wharfe Bank loved the flavour and wanted to brew a lower - strength version, but both strengths of the beer ended up being really popular both here and abroad - so we decided to bottle both. Oberon Session IPA has since inspired Ro Sham Bo Session IPA in cask and keg; an amber, easy-going beer with sweet malt and a tropical fruit finish. It’s mostly hopped with Centennial hops, finished with a touch of Chinook.

For 2015/16, Oberon will be only brewed at full (6.8% abv) strength. So enjoy this whilst you can! It’s great with food that carries a sweet/fiery balance, such as Chicken Korma, Coconut Shrimp or Thai dishes.



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