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Wild Beer Co, Wild Goose Chase

Picture stags rutting in a field. Mean. Moody. The epitome of wild. The Wild Beer Co logo speaks volumes about the place in which this brewery was born at the tail end of 2012. Those wild antlers have smashed down the doors of the British beer establishment transforming both the way in which beer is made and how it can be paired with food.

Brett (the Californian former chef who takes care of the brewing - right) and Andrew (the ‘dogsbody’ – his words - on the left) met whilst working at the Bristol Beer Factory. They jumped in with a 15 barrel brewery in rural Somerset (Andrew’s home shire) and started brewing some pretty incredible beers that have style and substance in equal measure. If you want your beers bold, brash and experimental on the yeast front, look no further. Taking inspiration from Belgian wild yeast ales used in this traditional farmhouse ale style, Wild Beer are hurling it forward dramatically into the modern age.

Then there is the barrel aging. Then there are the magic ingredients. Nobody does beer like Wild Beer. Our personal favourites are Sleeping Lemons (sour wheat beer with lemons preserved in salt), Ninkasi (apple juice, wild yeasts, NZ hops and champagne fermentation), Schnoodlepip (barrel-aged with pink peppers, passion fruit and hibiscus) and Millionaire (a chocolate and salted caramel milk stout).

Brett talks us through this week’s beer, Wild Goose Chase… “We thought we would be able to make this beer exactly how we wanted, in fact it felt like a bit of a wild goose chase, hence the name. It’s tart and fruity, but well-hopped and drinkable.  Juicy, tart gooseberries and our own culture of wild yeast from local orchards give it a gentle acidity. A generous "dry-hop" of complementary hops enhance the fruitiness and give a light but moreish bitterness. We have been chasing this beer since we started the brewery”.

These guys are proper foodies and are walking the talk on elevating beer to a drink that can replace wine on restaurant tables with poncey food. The Wild Beer Co at Jessop House restaurant was launched in Cheltenham in September. We’ve been twice already. It’s genuinely one of the best food and beer venues we’ve ever stepped foot in. Go wild and get yourself down there. Wear your Sunday best. Drink Wildly Different.

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