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William Bro's Brewing Co, Seven Giraffes

The Williams Bros. Brewing Co. started life as the ‘Glenbrew’ homebrew shop in Glasgow. In 1988 a lady of Gaelic decent wandered into the shop and changed everything. She had a recipe for ‘Leanne Fraoch’ that had been handed down through her family. She wanted to recreate a batch to share with the latest generation of her family.

In return for the knowledge of how to brew the ale she agreed to share the recipe with Bruce Williams who founded the brewery with his brother Scott. Since then Williams Bros Brewing Co. have been recreating unusual beer styles unique to Scotland, and creating new beers based on old recipes.

Now run by brothers Bill and Scott Williams, in 2004 they moved to Alloa which was at one time only second to Burton-upon-Trent as the brewing capital of Britain due its local supply of grain, coal and position on the River Forth. Today Williams Bros are the last brewery standing in the town. They're most famous for bringing ancient beer recipes back to life like Fraoch Heather Ale and Kelpie Seaweed Ale (that's Bill collecting seaweed for it in the picture above).

Seven Giraffes gets its name from the seven malts used: lager, wheat, Maris Otter, Vienna, pale rye, pale crystal and Munich. Oh, and the fact that Scott William's daughter thought the number 7 looks like a giraffe. Who needs an expensive marketing agency nowadays eh?

Also in the beer are three hops; First Gold, Cascade and Styrian Goldings, some elderflower and a dash of lemon. We're reliably informed the lemon brings out more of the hop character. You know what? They might be right. It pours a deep gold with a floral (think we could just pick out the elderflower) and caramel aroma. Rich, sweet malts dominate the flavour to start with before that citrus lemon bite and a hint of spiciness from the hops finishes it off. This is a well balanced, deceptively light, clever little number.

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