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Windswept Brewing, Grisette

Our first Grisette. It won't be our last. Just don't call it a 'session Saison'.

If you’ve ever spent any time in or around Lossiemouth or the Moray Firth coastline you will appreciate that the term “windswept” is a kind, verging on romantic, way of putting it. Accustomed to being battered by storms one moment then sunny and still the next, it is the place for people who like to experience the great part of the great outdoors. Apt then that the Windswept Brewing Co. was founded by outdoor enthusiasts.

Like many modern breweries, Windswept was born out of experiments in home-brewing where friends Al Read and Nigel Tiddy were keen to reflect the dramatic local landscape and capture the spirit of adventure that entices many to the area. Only in beer form.

After months of meticulous research and the sort of attention to detail that you would expect from two former RAF pilots, Al and Nigel launched Windswept Brewing Co. in 2012

This research and commitment to detail have clearly paid off. Windswept now boasts an impressive range of core and limited edition beers alongside an expanded brewery and tap room which is fast becoming something of a tourist attraction in its own right.

Recent beers have included barrel-aged versions of Wolf (their Scottish Strong Ale) and a tribute to the 100-year anniversary of the Royal Air Force with Hurricane IPA (where 5p from each pint sold goes to the RAF Benevolent Fund). Oh, and this week’s beer, a 3.5% Grisette.

A Gr-what now? Exactly, we had to research this too. A Grisette is a lesser known, farmhouse(ish) style beer that originates from Belgium. With the same yeast forward characteristics of a more familiar Saison, the Grisette tends to be lower in abv (having been brewed for miners, not farmworkers) and also hoppier, albeit that’s by Belgium standards. The Grisette is set for a comeback. You heard it here first.

Watch Chris Jameson, Lead Brewer at Windswept talk you through the tasting of this week’s beer.


Is Chris Gordon’s younger, more handsome brother?!


Bound by a shared love of all things outdoors and with the aim of making nothing short of the very finest beers in Scotland, we think we’ll be hearing a lot more about Windswept.

Because beer that is best when you’ve earned it.

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