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Windswept Brewing, Weizen

No prizes for guessing this week’s weather conditions up in Lossiemouth, on the Moray coast in North East Scotland and the place Windswept Brewery call home. Yup, it’s blowing a gale. The inclement weather isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it’s certainly a spectacular setting for a brewery.

Windswept’s founders Al Read and Nigel Tiddy fell in love with the area whilst serving at RAF Lossiemouth. When they weren’t flying planes they’d often be found surfing (in North East Scotland… rather them than me) and taking advantage of the stunning landscape on their doorstep. “We wanted to create a brand that reflected the wild and windswept coast and hills of the Scottish Highlands” explains Al.

The former pilots shared a passion for beer and homebrewing and decided to step it up a notch by brewing on a commercial scale for the first time in January 2013. Windswept is now producing 15,000 pints a week and exporting to several countries.

The Windswept stable of beers is outrageously strong, ranging from a sessionable blonde weighing in at 4% abv, through to barrel-aged imperial stouts for the more adventurous. There is something for everyone. We asked Al how such a diverse collection of beers always taste consistently good. “We keep our ingredients simple; quality British malted grains, hops for flavour and bitterness, fresh wet yeast, local Speyside water and a lot of love. All our beers are natural and un-fined meaning they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans too”.

This week’s beer, Weizen, is meant to be cloudy and we’d encourage you to throw the yeast sediment into your glass for the full, authentic German wheat beer experience. The smell is all cloves, bananas and bubblegum, whilst flavours of caramel, sweet fruit, spice and lemons do their best to balance out those funky yeast esters. Yum.

The team at Windswept Brewery are bound together by a shared love of the great outdoors and an ambition to produce the very finest beer in Scotland and, in particular, that perfect pint you savour after a long day of pushing themselves to the limits.  “After all, a great pint tastes best when you’ve earned it”.

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