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Wiper + True, Cobbles and Clouds (BeerBods exclusive)

Back in May we got to spend the day with the lovely people at Wiper and True at their brewery in Bristol. Here we made our first ever collaborative brew. We love our jobs...

Founded by Michael Wiper in 2012 the brewery is supported by the oh so mysterious Mr True who, after tasting some of Michael’s beer, decided to fund the brewery.

Starting out as Bristol’s first cuckoo brewers they hit the local craft beer scene with some thoughtfully diverse beers and some fab collaborations such as ‘Dr Strangelove’, a coffee IPA with their neighbours at Extract Coffee. There’s also the beautifully tongue in cheek ‘Bristol Meth’ collaboration with Celt Brewery.

Whilst they now have a permanent home in the colourful St Werburghs area of Bristol it is clear that their experimental approach to making good beer has in no way subsided. In fact, spend more than ten minutes with Will Hartley, their head brewer, and you’ll get a feel that they’ve turned it up to 11 but also that they’ve only just started.

Having eschewed a core range per se (although Milkshake Milk Stout and Kiwi Lilt Pale Ale get a lot of requests for repeat brews) they use unusual but very effective branding to identify their range of beers. Each style of beer is represented by a classy looking gold picture with only the small print providing any indication of what the beer is called. A picture of a hot air balloon represents an amber ale whereas an elephant means that it’s a pale ale. An elephant with an umbrella is an IPA. Obviously. Once you’ve cracked this the surprise is what the latest riff on that beer style is going to be.

Named by BeerBods subscriber Stephen Ravenscroft, who came to the brewery with us, this week’s beer is a saison (represented by a moth on the label) and has all the characteristics of the Belgian beer style… immensely refreshing, faintly sour and combining a blend of continental malts and New Zealand hops to bang out flavours of citrus, juicy apricot and pine.

This week’s beer is the culmination of  a year of conversations with the brewery. Most of these have been with Martin Saunders the commercial director and dishwasher stacker. It’s because of him that this project has grown from just getting one of their beers in your box through to it being a genuinely collaborative brew where we even let you come up with a name. We hope you’re as pleased with it as we are.

BeerBods + Wiper + True. No ordinary beer.

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