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York Brewery, Guzzler

There are some who claim that this style has had its day. We reckon we all owe beers like Guzzler a lot.

In May 1996 Tony Thomson brought brewing back inside the city walls of York after a 40 year absence. Located on Toft Green, a stone's throw from the historic royal entrance to the city, York Brewery have built a beery honey trap in the form of a visitor centre and five pubs (three of them in York itself). Tourists and locals have gleefully flocked to their beers for almost 20 years.

In 2008 the brewery was bought out by a Lancaster based (imagine the delight of many Yorkshire folk) hospitality group, Mitchell's Hotels & Inns, who have ratcheted up production and have further plans for expansion.

Their core beers include 'Centurion's Ghost Ale', a tasty 5.4% ruby-coloured ESB named after an incident when an apprentice plumber saw Roman soldiers marching through the cellar of Treasurer's House in York, 'Yorkshire Terrier' a textbook English bitter and this week's beer, 'Guzzler'. An "Off The Wall" and a "Classics" range give the brewery plenty of room to play around.

Guzzler is York Brewery's best selling beer and it's not difficult to see why. A solid, dry, floral, easy-drinking, distinctly British, 'summer in a beer garden' pale ale.

If you ever get a chance to visit York we strongly recommend heading to the wonderfully named 'Three Legged Mare' right on York Minster's doorstep to sample York Brewery's beers as fresh as it comes.

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