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10 people we'd like to buy a pint

Matt | 09 Jun 2015

Say you are in a pub, and you see someone famous.  You’d quite like to buy them a pint, but you don’t want to be weird?  You know, stalker-y?

It happens in American shows all the time - “table 3 just ordered you a drink, to say hi!”  And they wave at each other, “hey, why dontcha join us?!”  And they all laugh and have big teeth and it looks like a Tommy Hilfiger ad.

Well we are not in an American show.  We’re British and we like to do things properly.  

And we’re not going to send famous people free stuff out of the blue, hoping they’ll endorse or promote us.  So lame.  Not our style.  It’d be like asking for retweets.  

Here are a few of our favourite famous-types. They are all people we think might like what we do.  We reckon some of you guys know them.  Six degrees of Kevin Bacon and that.  

Any chance you could introduce us?  We’ll be nice, and personal, and try not to sound like the PR agencies who I’m sure bombard them with crap to stick their names to all the time.

  1. Stephen Fry (he likes beer. He likes a tweet or two. We reckon he'll like BeerBods)

  2. Anna Jones (just published the best cook book of the last 10 years)

  3. Jamie Oliver (arguably the biggest name in food.  And he was raised in a pub)

  4. Cery Matthews (we just love her a bit)

  5. Nigel Barden (top foodie and mate of Simon Mayo) 

  6. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (self-sufficient.  Made an ale.  Had nettles in, but you know, that’s cool)

  7. Robert Plant (from our neck of the woods. Likes beer. Was in the best rock band of all time. Supports Wolves. His son owns best brewery in the UK. Surely we should be best mates?)

  8. Ian Rankin (writes great books. Tweets about beer. Sounds like the man)

  9. Scroobius Pip (just the boss. Has the best podcast in the world)

  10. Wiggo (can't be many businesses where 100% of employees cycle to work. He might be impressed


If there’s anyone else famous you think we should be buying a beer let us know.

Cheers ears.



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