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Short Read

A funny story about our quiz

... and a clever bloke called Dave

Matt | 04 May 2020

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Last week we held our fourth BeerBods pub quiz. It keeps getting bigger and better, I think you’ll agree. In week one we had 383 players. Last week we had 3,200(ish). I hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are.

You may have noticed that the same guy has won for the last 2 weeks. A guy called Dave. This Dave as it turns out. Dave emailed us last week…

 Many thanks for the prize. I'll probably end up gifting some to my friends and neighbours - I’d be sozzled otherwise. It's time to fess up... I write pub quizzes for a living. The company I work for, Redtooth, is Britain's biggest supplier of pub quizzes. As you've been so generous with your free beer prizes, how about I return the favour? I'll write your quizzes for you - for free. I know you said on the broadcast that it had taken you ages to come up with the questions - this is what I do on a daily basis. With all the pubs being shut I’m currently on furlough, so writing a few questions for free would probably help with my boredom levels. If this is something you'd like to do - just let me know

Needless to say, we took Dave up on his offer for this week’s quiz questions. He said he’d do it for free but we’ll “pay” him in beer. This has the added advantage of meaning he can’t win again next week. Top bloke.

Please continue to get your friends and family involved so they can take part next week... safe in the knowledge none of us will be competing against Dave.

See you on Tuesday.




PS. If you haven't already, you can register to take part in this week's virtual pub quiz here.


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