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A good couple of days (1)

On Friday something crazy happened.

Matt | 17 Feb 2014

On Friday something crazy happened.

We teamed up with to launch our crowd-funding campaign, giving the public an opportunity to invest in the ground-breaking beer club and subscription service we launched in September 2012.

We hit our target of £100,000 (in return for a 15% stake in the business) in the first 24 hours, a crowdfunding record apparently. Oh, and that was just from our brilliant subscribers - Crowdcube kindly allowed us to hide the pitch from the public for the first day to allow our customers to invest first - They are the people who make BeerBods what it is after all.

a good couple of days.jpg

We then raised our target to £150,000 and got the remaining £50,000 in the next 12 hours. So that was £150,000 raised in less than 36 hours. Wow.

Then we went for a beer (or two).

The fact that we raised the money so quickly, and mostly from our happy customers, demonstrates just how special this little business we're building is.

BeerBods started with me and a few mates tasting beer in a shed and in just a year has grown in to a massive community of subscribers who are discovering, enjoying and learning about beer together... but we're still only just getting started. We reckon you're looking at the new innovation hub for the drinks industry.

With a few more pennies we're going to get a lot more people drinking better beer.

The only way we can thank everyone who supported us is by making BeerBods as good as we know it can be.

Exciting times.

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