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Beer Blog of the Month - Look at Brew

Matt | 04 Nov 2014


At the tail end of last year we caught sight of a new beer blog written by Rachael Smith in Sussex.

It was honest, interesting, impartial but most of all… different. Not different for different sake either. Just a very personal insight in to one woman’s beer adventure.

We asked Rachael why she spends her spare time trotting round the country finding great beer and writing about it.

“I've always been creative, so blogging is an outlet. As a keen beer drinker I started noticing the art on bottle labels (such as Beavertown's). Look at Brew started as a way to document that but as I became a more mindful drinker my palate developed and the blog did too.

A spotlight is very much on brewing right now, so this is pushing the creativity within, and the celebration of, the beer scene, which is really exciting.  It's becoming more inclusive, and blogging about it; being a part of the community in a small way, is really fun”.

We love the local focus too. We asked her if it was a conscious decision to champion her local brewers.

“This year I've met and spoken to a lot of Sussex brewers and so the blog has naturally developed a focus on my local scene, which is increasing at a great rate. I mix it up a bit with beer reviews and news from further afield though, with a focus on celebrating good beer”.

You can check out Rachael’s blog here.



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