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Beer of the Year 2014 - Winner announced

We're very pleased to announce that the BeerBods Beer of The Year award, voted for by subscribers, goes to...

Matt | 08 Jan 2015

Mikkeller's Peter Pale and Mary.


Dark Star Brewery’s decadent Imperial Stout came in second place, whilst Liquid Mistress by Siren Craft Brew followed closely behind in third.

Matt Lane, BeerBods founder, said “Peter, Pale and Mary is a wonderful beer brewed by one of the most talented brewers on the planet. Mikkeller’s beers and the way they brew them continue to capture the imagination of drinkers around the world, including our discerning subscribers. This wasn’t an easy beer to get hold of, but boy was it worth it”

The folks at Mikkeller said “Thanks, we're honoured. The UK rules and so does BeerBods.  We cannot wait to send more awesome beer over



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