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BeerBods 2017 Calendar: January

Gordon | 13 Jan 2017

We get chance work with a bunch of really talented photographers here at BeerBods and as a result we've a LOT of really great pics. Whilst we use some of these there are a bunch that we don't or rarely use. And that's a real shame.

So we were looking for a way to share these and thought that a monthly 'wallpaper' for your desktop as a calendar or a pretty picture for your mobile device. 

January's pic is taken by the oh so talented Jonathan Cherry and is of Matt holding some malted barley at our brew day at Buxton last year. If Matt ever falls on hard times he can take some comfort knowing that he could scratch a living as a professional hand model!

You can download our desktop version by doing the whole ctrl or right click thing on this image.


And here's a smaller mobile phone type version.


They are for personal use only. Whatever that means.

p.s. We totally stole this idea from John Watson over at the Radavist. If you like bicycles and bicycle culture you should check his website out. Every single day. Hey John, next time you are in Blighty we'll sort you out with beers! 

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