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BeerBods x Buxton Brewery

Matt | 15 Apr 2016

At the beginning of the year we decided we'd only do two collaboration brews. So we had better make them good ones. But who should we work with?

Tom, Gordon and I wrote our top three breweries we'd like to partner with. Then we compared notes. Number one on all three sheets of paper was one name; Buxton Brewery.

From a humble home in the beautiful Peak District, Geoff, Denis, Colin and the team are building, to our minds, one of the best breweries, not just in the UK, but on the planet. A commitment to quality and consistency for core beers like Axe Edge and Moor Top paired with an absolute devotion to innovation with beers like Yellow Belly Sunday and Far Skyline has resulted in more fan boys and girls than just us three.

They are a picky bunch too so we were delighted when they said yes to our proposal to team up with them.

We rocked up to the brewery last week to brew a beer that's working title is "Pineapple Pale". We'd like you to come up with a better name please. Email your suggestions to with "NAME OUR BEER" in the subject line. The winner will get a free case and tickets to the beer's launch event at the Buxton Tap on Thursday 11th August.

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