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Bye Gordon (and Harold)

Employee 002 is going on a new adventure

Matt | 12 Feb 2019

It was back in the summer of 2014 I realised BeerBods could be something really special.

What had started as a side-project was gathering momentum. We were growing quickly, raising investment, I’d packed in my day job and I was desperately working out how to take things to the next level by making it a proper business. Only to do that I needed help. Like, really needed help. So I put out an ad for employee number 2.

Gordon and I had already met once, at an event in West Wales. In fact, he was one of our earliest customers and supporters. We didn’t need more than a quick “interview” in a pub to realise he was perfect for the job. And so he gave up a 14-year career with the police to come and flog beer for a living.

Since then Gordon has made BeerBods tick. Every idea we’ve had, he has made sure it has worked. He has set the standards for everything from customer service to content. He has defined our culture. He has helped me build a kick-ass team and put in place the foundations on which BeerBods will build. Everything in this business will forever have his fingerprints on.

But I’m sad to say that Gordon is moving on. His next mission will see him working on a transformation project for the NHS. He likes a challenge. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets them sorted over the next few years. He’ll leave us at the end of the month, so you’ve got time to say bye.

As well as missing his general ability to make BeerBods great, I'll miss his coffee making skills. I'll miss him putting his hat on my son’s head whenever George visits the office. I'll miss Harold’s (his terrier) snoring on the office sofa. I’ll even miss him going on about Yorkshire most days.

Thankfully, I won’t have to miss his encyclopaedic knowledge, his stories or his booming laugh for long though… because I’ll still see him down the pub.

Good luck in your next adventure G. Thanks for everything.

Matt x

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