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Gemma | 29 Aug 2018

These illustrations by Richard Mitchelson take you through the five stages of cenosillicaphobia, the fear of an empty glass.


Step 1

Excited anticipation.
This full glass of frothing delight fulls your heart with the purest form of joy known to all humanity...

step 2

Step 2

Unbridled happiness.
The first sip hits your lips, the worries of life lift and you sit and smile. Classic step 2.



Step 3

The glass is now half full, or is it half empty... uh oh.



Step 4

You finish a brilliant handful of salty snacks look down and pow!! You have one final mouthful!



Step 5

The empty glass. Cenosillicaphobia is taking hold, you can't recall if it's your round!!! Why are they all taking so long!!!


View the full illustration.

You can find more of Richard's awesome illustrations on his website.


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