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Cheers Kev

Matt | 03 Sep 2015

Yep, this is pretty much why we do what we do. 
The below email (word for word) was sent to us by Kev, a happy customer, earlier this week...
Hello Matt and Gordon,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for broadening my horizons in the wider world of beers.  It has been an eye opening experience, having put up with mass produced bitters and euro-pop lagers for many, many years.
Having finished 3 cases now, I’ve been looking back at my notes of the 36 different beers that I’ve had from you.  I now have be significantly better understanding of what I really like (big, hoppy IPAs) and now have a definite favourite that’s reasonably local – Buxton Brewery’s Axe Edge.  In the past I wouldn’t have been brave enough to go into a pub and try something like that.  Now, however, I can call by the the local craft beer bar (The Young Pretender, Congleton) and get recommendations on similar (though they tend to end up being American IPAs – I tried O’So Brewing’s Hop Whoopin’ last night and it’s good).
Of the 36 you’ve sent me, only 1 has been poured away (Dark Star Brewing’s Imperial Stout, never again, just not for me).  There’s a couple of others that I’ve had that I wouldn’t buy again, but that’s not important.  I’ve tried them.  However, there are 11 that I’ve really enjoyed and that I actively seek out or use as guides for recommendations from bar staff who know more about this than I do.
Also, I assume you make money on the cases you sell, having ordered a case of Axe Edge last night.  I was intrigued to see that if I order it from Buxton Brewery website via EeBria it’s £36 per case + £5.99 delivery, compared to your price of £32 less 5% per case with free delivery. I’m not sure I could drive the 20 miles to Buxton to buy the stuff myself for less than that!
So, again, thank you both.  I’m looking forward to the next case to see what jewels in contains. Keep up the good work.
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