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Dear Santa...

The BeerBods Christmas wish list

Gemma | 04 Dec 2018


Dear Santa,

We’ve been really good boys and girls this year.
We’ve got thousands of people drinking better beer.
So can we have one or two things off the list below please?

Bert and Harold send lots of love to the reindeers… their heroes.


Matt, Gordon, Gem, Moz, Tom, Joe and Lily


Stance adventure socks

Some Stance adventure socks to keep my feets toastie and some howies modal underpants to keep my bum covered.

I would also like some more Firepot food pouches for when I am away in the hills and a digital subscription to the Ordnance Survey so that I don't get lost.

For some outdoors inspiration I would like a subscription to Adventurous Ink and Sidetracked Magazine.


Finisterre beanie
This Finisterre beanie for when the warehouse hits the minuses.
A Stussy hoodie to keep me looking fresh to death.
A new pair of OSAKA shin pads for when I’m tearing up hockey pitches all over the Midlands.
A pair of Chester Jeffries driving gloves for when I’m er… driving.


The 2019 Stendig Calendar

The Stendig 2019 Calendar so I can plan my year but still keep my design credibility.

A Knitting kit from We Are Knitters, so I can make myself a warm woolly hat.

A Chug Mug from Studio Arhoj to drink my hot chocolate from.

Some Black Pepper and Lemongrass Hand Balm from Honest to keep my hands super soft in the cold weather.

And a handmade jumpsuit from Stalf, because no Christmas is complete without a jumpsuit.


Opticron Imagic Binoculars

A new pair of binoculars. For birdwatching. Honest.

Seth Godin’s latest book, This Is Marketing. I’m guessing it will be as good as his others.

An Otter bellyboard making workshop. Hopefully, I won’t chop a finger off.

A Callaway Kickback Ball Return Putting Cup and/or a round of golf somewhere. Desperately want to get my handicap down next year. Unlikely.

A new pair of jeans from HIUT because I’ve worn my last 3 pairs out good and proper.


Tom's Perch bobbers

As the weather gets cooler a set of Perch bobbers by Oxford Fishing to help me keep catching. 

A new Beanie from Wofte Clothing to keep my head warm. 

A Gränsfors Small Hatchet from Ben and Loisor ford.

A mag From Subsurface Journal for when I'm blanking on the bank.

And finally, a day on the bank with Des Taylor would make it a perfect Xmas.



Rapanui Make Waves Tee
A couple of tees from Rapanui so I can compete with Gordon in the office for funky designs.

For some urban smarts, a wallet and classic backpack from Bellroy would be handy.

A football from Park SSC, as they look neat and everyone deserves a good football.

Keeping it local, I'd like a nice new bike from Temple Cycles and some cans from Left Handed Giant.
And to make my food more interesting, some spicy sauces from Tubby Tom's would be grand.



The Regal, Evesham

I love spending time relaxing with my friends so a gift voucher to see a film at The Regal in Evesham or a Spa Day at Evesham Hotel looks amazing.

I've heard great things about Green Frog Pottery in Malvern, I would love to go and make something and take the kids so they can make (a mess) something too.

I see Robinsons of Worcester Big Pink Trucks around and would love to do CPC (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) training and learn to drive a lorry - I love learning new things.

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