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Sometimes you've just got to go early...

Guest | 15 Nov 2018


I have a secret, and I don’t think I’m alone. So, please allow me to share something with the group: I don’t always make it to 9pm on a Thursday. I’m pretty good I think. I definitely wait for the right day. Thursday feels right to me. If I’m trying to be a good boy and have a few nights off the beer, I am usually pretty proud if I can refrain from Monday to midweek.

But then Thursday comes, and I get the email in the afternoon and start to get excited. And by the time I get home around 6pm, when it is scientifically proven that I will be at my thirstiest, my resolve will have weakened to the point and where I just open the bottle, pour it into my special BeerBods glass, find a comfy chair and drink it right there and then.

Do I feel guilty? Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. Just think of the hard work that Matt and Gordon and the team put into building up to that 9pm pinnacle, every single week. The months of preparation, carefully curating a magnificent box of twelve that complement each other perfectly, the tasting notes, the interviews, the emails and the nice photos of the beer on the website. Then they give up their Thursday evening just to talk to all of us about the beer, the backstory, the brewer. But unbeknown to them, I’ll have polished mine off by half six. Impatience. I just couldn’t wait, even though they had done everything in their power to try to get me to join in with my fellow humans and drink it in unison at 2100.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that I enjoy the beer any less. Indeed, I have my own rituals, even if my timekeeping is sloppy. As soon as a new case of a dozen beers arrives, I open the box and have a look at all of them, working out which ones I reckon I’ll like best. I check that they’re all in order of drinking (I really like that they arrive in the right order in the box, as long as you can work out which corner to start from). Then I chuck the box straight into my beer cellar (not really a cellar – more like a drafty cupboard that keeps the beers nice and cool). And then Wednesday comes around, and I’ll check the website to see what’s for drinking tomorrow, ceremonially removing the beer from the box in the drafty cupboard, and refrigerating/leaving at room temperature as required.

And then it’s Thursday, and I will think about that beer from time to time throughout the day. I might have a look at a picture of it on the website again. I’ll read the email as soon as it arrives. I will visualise the moment of opening and pouring, and I will work out which glass to use, to maximise aroma and flavour transportation. Don’t we all?

Reading this back, it sounds like I might be over-egging all of this a bit, but this is more or less what happens every week, except when I go on holiday and have that insane thing where I have two or three beers queued up when I get home (what a feeling). If BeerBods has taught me anything, it’s taught me to appreciate a ton of beers I would never have got to try otherwise. It’s taught me to appreciate the lunatics who brew fantastic, never-to- be-tasted-again beers. And it has taught me to respect sacred rituals, unless they involve having to wait until 9pm to drink my beer.

Dan's worked at Innocent since their launch in 1999 and earlier this year he made the move to Apple to head up their Today at Apple projects.


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