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Greg's Big Bicycle Ride

Gordon | 27 May 2016

One of our customers (Greg May aka BOD486) is about to go on a rather big bicycle ride. A 4,400km long race to be more precise. With 60,000 meters of climbing (nearly seven Mt Everests). It's completely unsupported, there are no mandatory stops. It's called the Tour Divide.

Greg will starts at 8am local time on Friday the 10th of June in Banff, Alberta (That's Canada). And he will stop when he checks in at to the Mexican border in Antelope Wells, New Mexico (That's in the USA).

Greg is aiming to complete this pretty epic ride in 17 or so days. He's going to pass by a lot of great breweries so he might get, you know, distracted.

The rules to this 'race' are pretty simple. 

Riders are responsible for themselves, that's it. No gear sharing and no external help. The can only use commercially available things with no mechanised transport. It's a proper adventure.

Each rider carries a small satellite tracker which also act as secondary emergency beacons if things go a bit pants. You will be able to follow Greg and the other riders here. The tracker should update every 10 minutes or so once he is moving.

If he gets chance he's promised to call in and leave a message on the MTB cast. We'll also tweet any updates as and when we hear anything using #gregstourdivide.

With some help from the wonderful people at Keep Pedalling in Manchester, this is going to be Greg's home for a few weeks (that saddle doesn't look very comfortable Greg!). 

Anyone who follows Greg on twitter might be wondering where Weewok the Ewok is supposed to sit.

Ride strong Greg. 


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