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Meet Doreen, the lady behind #LetsBeerPositive

Gemma | 02 Apr 2019


Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Doreen, and I work at Cloudwater Brew Co as one of their two Community Engagement Leads, which mostly has me looking after social media and events for Cloudwater and for their Unit 9 tap room in Manchester. Before that, I worked for The Five Points Brewing Company in London in a similar role, Community & Marketing Manager, for over 4 years.

What is #LetsBeerPositive and why did you set it up?

#LetsBeerPositive started to encourage some positive discourse amongst the beery Twitter community. I started it actually after a rather heavy couple of days looking after the Cloudwater social media alongside my colleague, Connor Murphy. We had announced we wouldn't be attending Beavertown Extravaganza, and there was a lot of negative fallout directed towards us for it. Looking at some of those posts all over social media directed at us, at Beavertown, and at so many other people in the beer community, both in trade as well as journalists, bloggers and drinkers, it was incredibly affecting. So I wanted to start something small to remind all of us how brilliant the connections we have with others through beer, Twitter, and Beer Twitter can actually be.

Have you been surprised by the response to it?

Yeah, totally. I've seen some posts from folks outside of the UK, as well as people here in Britain who seem to reply to every single one I've put up. It's really heartwarming. I've had people thank me for starting it up in person, and that's been really something I wasn't expecting.

Are there any responses/answers that have really stood out and/or surprised you?

I really appreciate every positive response that has been shared, but what I particularly love on a more selfish reason is when people share across places I haven't had a chance to go to, or breweries whose beers I haven't tried. It's easy to get stuck in a rut and go to the same places and drink the same beer, so it's wonderful to learn about other bars, pubs, bottle shops and so on. I've done topics on "new to you" breweries, which was really eye-opening. Also, I managed to get some ace recommendations for a day trip to Hebden Bridge thanks to a #LetsBeerPositive response, too!

How can people get involved?

If you're on Twitter and have a public account, I pin the weekly topic for #LetsBeerPositive on my Twitter profile page, @ourdoreen. Retweet that topic tweet with comment, so your followers can see the topic and also get involved. Put your response in the comment and use the hashtag #LetsBeerPositive so everyone looking at the hashtag can see what you wrote, and away we go! I also recommend reading the other responses with the #LetsBeerPositive hashtag, as you might find out someone else is giving props to the same place you are, or someone else shares your appreciation for a particular beer from a brewery. Or you might find out about a new place, new brewery, new beer festival or a new person on Twitter to follow.


#LetsBeerPositive | @ourdoreen

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