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Something for the old man

Matt | 03 Jun 2015

It’s Father’s Day on 21st June and, needless to say, we’ve got you covered.

Our gift subscriptions are always a great shout for presents. And much better than socks. You probably knew that though. So this year we’ve put together a couple of rather special one-off boxesfor the old boy.

For the (slightly grumpy) dad who knows what he likes and likes what he knows we’ve got the Boring Brown Beer box.  It’s not boring really. It’s actually amazingly good, traditional British beer. It might just make him smile.

For the more adventurous dads we’ve got The Big Wide World box which features twelve different beers from twelve different countries. This is some of the best beer in the world, for the best dads inthe world (I was just sick in my mouth).

Finally, The Fifth Element Box has got 12 beers with a magical fifth ingredient. Water + Hops + Malt + Yeast + ?  A box for the crazy ones.


* That's Reggae Dave (Matt's Dad) pictured above. He's definitely getting the Fifth Element box. Nutter.

** These beers are clearly not only intended as gifts for middle-aged/old men. Young men. Women. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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