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The story so far

When I launched BeerBods towards the end of last year I honestly had no idea what would happen.

Matt | 06 May 2013

I didn't have a business plan, I still had a full time job and the only money I had to get it off the ground was some measly savings and a couple of credit cards.
All I knew was that I wanted to get more people drinking better beer. I also had a little idea that I thought could do just that. So I asked a lot of favours of a lot of good people (you know who you are), threw up a website and somehow launched.

story so far.jpg
Then something crazy happened. I told a few friends about it. They told their friends. They told a couple of their friends. You can probably guess what happened next.
In six months we've reached almost a thousand subscribers. Crikey.
With me as Chief Box Packer, Head of Responding to Emails, Director of Kicking The Ass of Couriers, hell, Head of Everything, it has been a little rough around the edges, so thanks for bearing with us (me).
Last month I packed in my day job and decided to make a business of it. I reckon that done properly we can get a whole lot more people drinking better beer and I've got a few more ideas up my sleeve to do just that. We've started looking for investment and will be doing some crowd-funding in the Summer so that the people who make BeerBods what it is can invest and own a part of it.
I always wanted BeerBods to be about you lot drinking great beer together and inviting others to do the same. You haven't disappointed. Thank you. I love being a part of it. I'm also really excited about what it could become.

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