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Introducing our new Live Tasting Platform

Matt | 21 Nov 2019

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#BeerBods Live Tastings began in a shed in rural Worcestershire. Just me and a few mates tasting new beers together and having a bit of a laugh.

One of my mates said: “Why don’t you do what you’re doing in the shed on the internet?”. This was 2011 and social media was really taking off. We’d had a few shandies by this point so it seemed like a great idea. We started holding the live tastings on Twitter and slowly but surely the community has grown to the point that #BeerBods is often trending on a Thursday night at 9pm. The conversations about the beer each week now also take place (to a lesser extent) on Facebook and Instagram.

We’re now looking to bring this live tasting experience together on our own live tasting platform. It will curate comments from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, email and potentially many more channels, as well as allowing comments directly on our platform. BBC live sporting events are kind of the inspiration.

We are also (finally) going to start live-streaming video during the tasting from BeerBods HQ. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for ages, but couldn’t because our broadband was so rubbish. Well, I’m pleased to report that BT have pulled their finger out.

You’ll be able to watch Joe and I drinking and talking about the beer on our new live tasting platform from 9pm.

BeerBods is all about the community and we see this as the next step in taking our live tastings to another level.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

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