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Where the party's at

Matt | 15 Dec 2014


Twitter is kind of important to us. In fact, we'd be nothing without it. Thursday night #beerbods tastings are at the heart of what we do and without Twitter, well, they just wouldn't exist.

But we've also noticed Twitter change in the couple of years we've been going. More than ever it's the best way to ask questions and interact quickly with the crowd. But if we've got some really good content to share, Twitter has got a bit too busy.

For a little while now we've been playing with other bits of the t'internet.

Gordon got us on Instagram, and well, it's amazing. If you want an insight in to life at BeerBods, there is nothing better.

We've also been playing with Youtube. We see video as an important part of our future. We've been ripped off so many times it's silly. But nobody shares our passion for beer. And there is nothing like getting in front of the screen and people seeing the whites of our eyes to prove it.

We're playing with other technologies, but we also want to be where the crowds are.

So for now... for us... Instagram and Youtube, as well as Twitter, are where it's at.

Any idea where we should head next?

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